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Portable AC/DC Power Supply

Light gives up to 23 hrs. of light

Battery Strength Indicator LEDs & auto protection circuits

Battery Jumper cables, AC charger, DC connector cable, manual, and carrying pouch included

Fused DC (Cigarette lighter style outlet) 12 amps max., One 3-prong 110 Volts AC outlet (230 Watts )


Portable Power Supply

AC & DC power supply anywhere you go. 

The Jazz 250 Portable Power supplies 230 continuous watts (250 surge) of AC household current, or 12 amps of 12 Volts DC power anywhere and any time.  Jazz 250 battery powered unit can supply power to start your car, boat, camping, fishing trip, hunting, at the cottage, in the park, or during a power outage. 

There is a built-in energy efficient fluorescent light which will supply light for up to 23 hrs. on a full charge.  After use, plug the Jazz 250 into your car's cigarette lighter outlet and be recharged in about 3 hrs., approx. 4 hrs. from a generator or car battery charger, or use the AC adapter to recharge in less than 34 hrs. 

Unit comes complete with a rechargable and replaceable sealed lead-acid battery (17 amp-hrs big) and accessories shown above.

Only 16 units left at this manufacturer's clearout pricing of $150.00
(normally $189.00)

More info (Adobe Acrobat File, 197 kB)

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