Remote Power, Communication, and Living Systems

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Are any of these statements true for you ?

  • You have a remote cottage, work camp, hunt camp, or other site "off-the-grid"
  • You have a mobile system (boat, truck, motor home, plane, etc.)
  • You want to invest in a system that will reduce your monthly energy or communication bills
  • You've felt the growing unreliability of electrical utilities with brown-outs, black-outs, spikes, surges, & rolling outages
  • You are concerned about the planet's environment and want to do something effective
  • You're fed up with big utilities, big government, and centralized energy systems
  • You want the independence & security that comes from self-reliance
  • You don't have anything else better to do with your hard-earned money.

For you, a self-reliant power supply, communication, or other remote system has now moved from a dream, to convenience, to a high priority, or necessity.

You need help figuring out what your needs are, what technologies are now available, and how to fit them together into a simple, but workable system.  This is where Pioneer Systems can help.

Solar Electric Power Systems Battery Back-up & Power Storage Wind Power Generators Water Turbine Power Generators
Micro-Hydro Power Generation
Remote Cellular Phone Systems Satellite Communication Systems (Fixed Site & Mobile) Remote High-Speed Internet Remote Computer & Telemetry Systems
Gas & Diesel Power Generators Remote Fuel Cell Technologies Remote Water Supply & Treatment Remote Television & Entertainment
GSM & GPRS communications Ham Radio Systems Other Technologies & Systems Geothermal Heating & A/C Systems
High-gain Remote Cellular Antennas High-efficiency Household appliances Solar Water Heaters GPS Navigation Systems
Portable Power Systems (Jazz 250)

Energy Conservation Audit
&/or Assessment

Active Solar Space Heating
Radiant Floor Heating Systems

All by yourself, you could learn about the technologies & systems you need, eventually get it installed, and hopefully it will meet your needs.  However, with Pioneer System's, we have:

  • 21 years experience in remote living,
  • Professional Engineers on staff,
  • Experience with system optimization & integration
Pioneer Systems can help you get it done right the first time, installed & operating faster, cheaper, and with less frustration for you.

You focus on what you know best; your life & business.

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