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Cell Phone Reception

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Cell phone
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That's why the typical cell phone network coverage map looks like this...

Q: How do you solve your problem?

A:   You call Pioneer Systems


Click on the satellite image above to expand.  Waterfront cottage is 20 km from cell tower.

New cell antenna installed at peak of cottage roof, complete with guy wires, grounding, lightning protection, and ultra low loss antenna cable to cell phone.

Case Study Situation

The nearest cell tower was 20 km. away from the customer's waterfront cottage.

Most cell towers have an effective range of 5 km. everywhere (inside car, in house, in woods), or 10 km. maximum (in clear field, with line of sight view of tower, at adequate elevation, on strongest lobe azimuth compass direction of tower signal, no local interference).

Customer was 4 times the recommended distance from the cell tower.  The cell network provider told them they were in a "No Signal" area.


Get the customer a working cell signal ASAP.

Pioneer System's Action

Satellite phone was immediately discarded as jammed circuits, non-reliable service, and $1.00 per minute bills and huge annual fees made it impossible. Duplex UHF amateur radio with D-Star, or phone was considered, but rejected.  A PTP (Point-to-Point) wireless link to customer's nearby farm with POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) was considered, but rejected due to cost.

Pioneer Systems did the cell signal Fresnel and power margin calculations, the antenna design, ordered the necessary equipment, and installed the system in cold, snowy, November.


The customer went from nothing, to 3 out of 4 bars cell signal within a week.  Customer now has good cell signal, in all weather conditions, day and night, year round.

As the customer is off-grid, the recommended solution required no extra power consumption that the cell phone itself, no extra drain on the solar powered batteries.

Paradise Found!

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