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Government Grants & Subsidies

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There are a number of Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Utility, and NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) that offer rebates, grants, low-interest loans, and subsidies for those interested in alternative energy systems, energy conservation, and energy efficiency.

Some are for charities and not-for-profit agencies.  Others are for business.  Still other programs are for home residences.

Pioneer Systems recommend you decide what's best for you, then we can help tailor the solution to maximize your eligibility and affordability.  Pioneer Systems suggests it would be a mistake to make choices based solely on what grants are available.

Pioneer Systems is aware of most funding sources, and can assist you in making application for these programs.

Some of the usual funding programs in Ontario are:

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund

Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)

Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)

National Research Council (NRC)

Provincially Funded Programs

Ontario Ministry of Energy

Hydro One

Retail Sales Tax rebate

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